ABOUT US              

That’s how we began…

Established in the year 2017 and spearheaded by Sh. Rajesh G Pillai, Amiya Multimedia Private Limited, is all set to make a revolution in the current Television viewing experience through Tatwamayi-TV.

Shri. Rajesh G Pillai, media entrepreneur and veteran in Television Media industry with a backdrop of senior assignments in Asianet and Janam TV, brings in 28 years of rich experience and expertise. His track record in Kerala’s television industry narrates the success stories of these two channels from inception to reaching a much-acclaimed brand positioning which these channels currently enjoy. He, along with a group of similar thinking highly committed media tycoons and technology experts, is ardently working to bring out India’s first Life Positive Channel – TATWAMAYI TV.

Our Philosophy

Our team is driven by a belief that quality is the kernel of a good culture. Being a life positive channel, we believe in delivering positive messages through our aired contents and thus by contributing to build a strong value based society. We believe in maintaining optimum level of quality, as it is the most important tool for development of any company. We also understand the need to converge our thoughts process into a single defined pattern so as to achieve our goals. We have streamlined our operations to focus on these specific areas.

Behind the name Tatwamayi

Tatwamayi means quintessence of Tatwa or Knowledge. It is also one of the names given to Mother Goddess in Sanskrit as she is considered to be the embodiment of Knowledge and Wisdom. Our channel is named Tatwamayi, as we intend to make it a source of positive vibrations and constructive thoughts that will spread and influence modern society. TATWAMAYI TV through innovative content and outreach programs will influence all sections of society, especially the youngsters. TATWAMAYI TV will extend the message of age-old values in the present day context and impart information and knowledge needed for youngsters to lead a dharmic life with practical wisdom in modern society


The channel will be noticed for its uniqueness in content, presentation, look & feel and technical quality. “TATWAMAYI TV” is designed in such a way that it will be strikingly different from the currently on-air channels of similar genre. “TATWAMAYI TV” will utilize all possibilities of television and its social media outreach to attract young generation, including the second and third generations of Indians living in other countries. We will present a host of creative programs including interactive news and current affairs shows, mega quiz programs, interviews, discussion forums, talk shows, live interactions, travelogues, short videos and cultural stage shows. The channel while highlighting India’s glorious past would also focus on the challenges faced in today’s world and present a vision for the future.

Some of the key programs in “TATWAMAYI TV” will include:

  • News & Current Affairs
  • Interactive News shows on contemporary issues
  • Programs with nationalist fervour
  • Travelogues
  • Programs highlighting Social issues & Challenges
  • Mega Quiz shows based on Indian Culture
  • Epic cartoons and series for the kids
  • Programs on traditional & classical art forms of India
  • Features on Martial art forms across India
  • Daily segments & episodes on Spiritual centers with narratives on history, rituals, pilgrimage etc.
  • Live telecast of important events and festivals
  • Discussion forums on relevant topics
  • Interactive shows to dispel misunderstandings on Indian culture
  • Spiritual discourses based on sacred scriptures


Success Factors

Launching a television channel is a very complex task that needs multi-specialty expertise. There are five major components that ensure success and stability for any new channel.

  • Delivery of High Quality Programs
  • Elegant Look & Feel of the Channel
  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure
  • Strong & Aggressive marketing
  • Well packaged Content that appeals to the viewer
  • Strong Distribution tie-up
  • Professional Management
  • Highly Talented Workforce

Our professional team will ensure that all these components will go hand in hand and progress simultaneously to make Tatwamayi TV project a grand success.

India — a country cherished with its glorious symphonies of past, encompassed in cultural diversities along with spirituality, religion, art, and its cumulative impact – creates a subtle rhythm of life. With passage of time these diversities have matured to represent collectively the heritage of this land.  In this modern era of technology and communication it is really heartening to note that this rich heritage, which India carries, is going through vibrant exposure to the outer world. The modern western world is now warmly embracing this Indian cultural heritage strongly held by its spiritual roots.



The basic objective of “TATWAMAYI TV “will be to interpret and highlight the real essence of Indian social life, culture, history and heritage for the contemporary world, especially for youngsters.

Instead of the run of the mill content and similar patterns that most of the channels follow, TATWAMAYI TV will have a host of unique shows and programs touching all spheres of contemporary life including news and current affairs programs, social campaigns, infotainment programs etc.

 We will have a special focus on programs designed with an objective to instil confidence and a sense of pride among younger generations about the cultural and social values that should form the foundation of Emerging India.


In an era when media negativity is a much debated topic, “TATWAMAYI TV” will be a Life Positive Channel in every sense. Even while practicing Journalism of Courage -pointing out social discrepancies and wrong practices, “TATWAMAYI TV” will desist from all orchestrated campaigns to spread hate, panic and despair in the society. It may be also noted that our channel will be independent in nature with zero affiliation to any political organization or religious institutions.

With innovative and interactive content on Current Affairs, Infotainment, Indian culture, history & Spirituality, “TATWAMAYI TV” will catch the mind’s eye of viewers from all age groups, specifically youngsters.

TATWAMAYI TV will extend the message of age-old values in the present day context & impart information and knowledge needed for youngsters to lead a dharmic life with practical wisdom in modern society

It is our corporate responsibility to a make a better society and in that view, we promote diversity, inclusion, programs & news that creates awareness and betterment of society, especially the youths.